From my first Matchbox car to the purchase of a 1957 Chrysler at age 12, I have been addicted to automobiles and anything that runs on gas and oil.  Copies of Hemmings Motor News and Cars & Parts magazines shared space with my math, English and history books, and despite the concerns of my parents for my education, I joined AACA and the Tidewater Region at age 13.  It was the first of many steps leading to a lifetime commitment to protect and preserve anything automotive.  My parents insisted I give up the distraction of AACA during my college years.  I rejoined AACA after graduation. 


In 1994, I was dismayed by unfair and misdirected government intrusion into the automotive hobby through the implementation of clunker crusher bills and unfair state and local tax and zoning laws.  I became a legislative advocate for the hobby and founded the nationally recognized S.W. Virginia Car Council, a multi-club organization dedicated to protecting the hobby through legislative vigilance.  I have worked on significant pro-hobby legislation on Capitol Hill and in 36 states, and sill work and consults on legislative issues throughout the country working with everyone from SEMA to individual hobbyists.  I have presented many legislative seminars at AACA annual meetings.  Most recently I have been working with SEMA and the American Motorcyclist Assoc.  to roll back E-15 mandates for ethanol in gasoline.  My congressman is now sponsoring a bill that would do just that.


I served on the board of directors of the Virginia Museum of Transportation for 16 years and completed an extended term as president at the request of fellow board members.